W1: Quality By Design: Data Integration Design Techniques For Improved Information Quality
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  Andres Perez   Andres Perez
Senior Information Management Consultant
IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co.


Sunday, March 14, 2010
03:30 PM - 06:45 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Location:  Plaza A

Organizations spend large amounts of money, time and human resources implementing data integration processes (usually via ETL or Extract, Transform and Load, tools). However, quite often the customers of the new data structures are disappointed if not frustrated with the quality of the information. Consumers of the information frequently complain that lack of transparency in the design and implementation of these applications results in lack of trust, inhibiting the use of the new data structures. In addition, defect detection and correction in databases and data integration processes is very difficult and time consuming.

This workshop describes:

  • Principles for the implementation of data integration processes
  • Methods and techniques to implement transparent, auditable and maintainable data integration processes including techniques for the implementation of the Quality by Design Rule: “Capture Information about Defects & Events.” Capturing details on processes and information defects provides evidence and statistical information to make defect correction and prevention, via process improvement, highly effective
  • Methods and techniques to maintain information stewards involved in the identification and implementation of data integration processes, data conversions and data controls for mission critical databases
  • Methods and techniques to keep information stewards informed when information defects take place and statistical reports to implement and verify process improvements

Andres Perez is a Senior Information Management Consultant and President of IRM Consulting, Ltd. Co. based in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Perez provides consulting in methodologies and tools in the disciplines of enterprise-wide Information Resource Management and Information Quality Management (TIQM®). This includes information governance, data architecture, metadata repository and management, requirements management, data modeling, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence. He conceived and implemented an information stewardship program called “Data Certification.” Mr. Perez has authored several articles in the Information Management field. He is a well known speaker at conferences in the US and Europe, including DAMA International, Information Quality, ZIFA, and IAA (Insurance Application Architecture). His presentations include information resource management, information stewardship, information quality management, and enterprise information architecture. Mr. Perez is the current VP of Operations for DAMA International and past Board Member of IAIDQ and IAA User Group.

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