T2: Data Management in the Cloud
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  Malcolm Chisholm   Malcolm Chisholm
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Monday, March 15, 2010
08:30 AM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Location:  Imperial A

Cloud computing has recently emerged as a new paradigm in IT, and it is already apparent that it will require innovative data management techniques in order to be successfully adopted . This tutorial explains the basis of cloud computing, and the varied ways in which it is being used by enterprises. The areas for governance, master data management, security and data protection are explored. In addition, special emphasis is paid to new columnar databases that are emerging on the cloud. These databases will involve a reshaping of a generation of database designers brought up on the relational paradigm. Their structure, advantages, and disadvantages are described, together with approaches to design, indexing, and enforcement of integrity. Techniques such as mapreduce are described, together with the potential for "big data" in cloud databases. You will learn:
  • The basics of cloud environments, and what sets them apart from previous generations of IT
  • How enterprises are using the cloud today, and likely future directions
  • Governance for cloud use, including security, and the challenge of master data management
  • The structure and design challenges of columnar databases, such as Bigtable
  • Basic techniques in columnar databases, such as MapReduce, indexing, and integrity.
  • "Big data" and semantic applications built on cloud databases

Malcolm Chisholm, Ph.D. has over 25 years of experience in enterprise information management and has worked in a wide range of sectors. He specializes in setting up and developing enterprise information management units, master data management, and business rules. His experience includes the financial, manufacturing, government, and pharmaceutical industries. Malcolm writes numerous articles and is a frequent presenter at industry events. He runs the websites www.refdataportal.com and www.bizrulesengine.com.

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