Learning the Database Landscape in the Opensource World
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    Robert Bernier
PostgreSQL Business Intelligence Analyst
Medio Systems Inc


Wednesday, March 17, 2010
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Level:  Advanced

Location:  Franciscan A

This session walks through the mysterious valley of opensource databases. How did it start? Is an opensource database really an untried, unproven technology? What does it mean to your mission when you choose an opensource database versus the traditional prodct? Who is who? What's the significance of the license behind the software? Where do you find the experts? Who do you hire? How do you train your staff? Where do you find the consultants when your staff isn't enough? Open source databases are more than just a product, it's an attitude. This session will push the curtain to the side and show you the real politics and dynamics behind the opensource database. In these times you can't afford not to learn about your options in this brave new world.

Robert is the PostgreSQL Business Intelligence Analyst at Medio Systems, http://medio.com/, which is the leader in the emerging technology of media search. Robert has worked as a PostgreSQL consultant for many leaders in their respective industries and includes: cellphone companies, Wall-Street firms, scientific research centers, US defense contractors, IT departments of Ivy League universities and colleges whose departments supported Nobel laureates. He is is also a PostgreSQL advocate and has written for publications such as Sys-Admin, Hakin9, PHP Solutions and several online sites including linux.com, phpbuilder.com, PHP Magazine, Linux Weekly News and the O’Reilly webportal as well as a contributor to the books “BSD Hacks” and “Multimedia Hacks”. Robert is also the maintainer of the pg-live, http://pg-live.info, which is used throughout the world at conferences, trade shows and training sessions to profile the awesome capabilities of PostgreSQL.

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