Real-World Struggles and Successes of Implementing a Master Data Management Environment
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  Gene Boomer   Gene Boomer
Director – Data Strategy, Architecture & Delivery
CNO Financial Group, Inc.


Thursday, March 18, 2010
09:50 AM - 10:50 AM

Level:  Advanced

Location:  Plaza A

This session will describe OneAmerica's progress with its MDM program since its inception 2 years ago. We will review what has worked, was has not worked, and what we have yet to do to further our program. Specific topics covered include:
  • Sponsorship (how to get things started and, more importantly, to continue)
  • Data Strategy (current approach and moving forward with the DM-BOK)
  • Data Architecture (highly normalized Subject Areas)
  • Data Workflow (process of handling Data Requests)
  • Data Stewardship (overseeing the corporate Data Assets)

If you have an MDM program starting up or in-flight, perhaps you can pick up a few pointers to help out your organization.

Gene Boomer has 20+ years of experience within IT with a specific focus on Data Strategy and Architecture for the past 15+ years. Many of those years were as a Consultant working for various Fortune 500 companies with the last few working as an employee for companies within the Financial/Insurance industry. Currently the Director of Data Strategy at CNO Financial Group, Gene was brought in to help establish an Enterprise Data Strategy and lead a number of data initiatives as CNO focuses on effective utilization of their data assets across various business areas within the company. Gene is a founding member and current President of DAMA Indiana, an affiliate of DAMA International, based in Indianapolis. Gene holds a BS degree in Computer & Information Sciences from The Ohio State University and is CDMP (Mastery Level) certified.

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