Social Karma: The Art of Effectively Using Social Media in Business
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  Jim Harris   Jim Harris
Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality


Monday, March 15, 2010
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

Location:  Yosemite B

An effective social media strategy is essential for both businesses and professionals.

Using social media effectively, including blogging and social networking sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), can definitely help promote you, your expertise, your company, and its products and services.

However, too many businesses and professionals have a selfish social media strategy.

You should not use social media to exclusively promote only yourself or your business. You need to view social media as Social Karma.

If you can focus on helping others, then you will get much more back than just a blog reader, a LinkedIn connection, a Facebook friend, a Twitter follower, or even a potential customer.

The most important variable in the social media equation is the human variable.

Jim Harris is the Blogger-in-Chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, which is an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality.

Jim is an independent consultant, speaker, writer, and blogger with over 15 years of professional services and application development experience in data quality, data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, and master data management.

Jim is a 2009-2010 IBM Information Champion, a regular contributor to the DataFlux Community of Experts, and a Contributing Editor to Data Quality Pro.

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