VALUE! I always learn something I can put to immediate use—and I use it!

- Forrest Snyder, Jr., MITRE

Just wow! Learn, learn learn. Always a great job. Thank you!

This is the first conference I've attended where I got value out of virtually every session. Really valued the level of interaction, it wasn't just passive sitting. Audience discussion and participation was great.

Conference was of great value to me. The presentations I attended confirmed many things we are currently doing and provided ideas for improving our governance and stewardship program.

Really enjoyed the offering of so many real-world practical case study sessions.

- Lynn Hopkins, GlaxoSmithKline

As always a great opportunity to meet other practitioners in our field and hear how they are handling data management!

- Corine Jansonius, Shell


I'm on the business side, and this is my first DAMA conference - helpful information but I have a lot to learn!